Non slippery & Durable -100 % UV stabilized PVC - Maintenance free

Permateek synthetic boat decking


Non Slippery and Durable


Natural and authentic


Maintenance Free

The most durable and the most resistant

Several major boat manufacturers already uses our products

Fishing boats

Permateek floors easily resist any damages that fishing tools or fish gutting can cause. Due to it’s high density and durability, it can be high-pressure washed and still keep it’s original natural finish.

Center console

Whether it’s for a day trip or a party with friends, Permateek flooring is perfect for all types of boats. Its natural look and durability will make your boat the star of la marina.

Power boats

If you want to spend the night  at anchor with a fabulous meal, the Permateek flooring is resistant to wine stains or any damage, perfect for entertaining and enjoying a nice evening at sea.


Going offshore for a lifetime trip is best done on the toughest, maintenance free boat flooring. You’ll love its non-slip feature. Permateek adheres very strongly to the fiberglass.

Mega yacht

For floorings that keeps it’s original good looks, opt for Permateek. No more acid treatment and sanding or oiling needed. Permateek offers you ultra durable, non slip and maintenance-free floors.

Benefits of Permateek Synthetic Boat Decking

Permateek is highly resistant to sun, rain and seawater. It is non- slippery even when wet. There are so many advantages to have a Permateek synthetic decking on your boat that you will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.
Eco-Friendly & Maintenance free
Stress free. No time consuming maintenance needed. No oil, no sanding or other care/treatments. Easy to clean, It will keep it’s beautiful  brand new look.
High pressure washable
Easy to clean and easily supports high pressure washes.
Non-slippery, wet or dry.
Nice and comfortable for barefoot.
Resistant and durable
So resistant and durable, it’s there to stay. It becomes a valuable resale feature.
SRG USA & Partners and Installers

Present throughout North America

Our USA Division and all of our partners are there to help you with all your projects. If you want to join the team as an installer, call us 514-463-6145.

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Partner since 2018. With 25 years of experience in the production of renewable energy. From electromechanic to Director of Operations for Caterpillar Engines. Passionate of boating, he has been sailing his own boat on St-Lawrence River for many years. Customer service and relationship are the keys to his success.

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